Eccentric Gin

William Price, 1800-1893 one of the most radical and innovative thinkers in the Victorian period. He
was a Physician, a Druid, a believer in free love, the emancipation of women, democracy for all and
became a freeman of Llantrisant – a 600 year old tradition that continues to this day.
William Price refused to accept established conventions and norms in all areas of society and he
served as the inspiration for a local group of experienced craft brewers & distillers who were
disappointed with the quality and flavour of mass produced Gins.
So with input from mixologists and local foragers they decided to create highly innovative small
batch craft gins and the Eccentric Brand was born.
All of our gins have their own individual characteristics which can be attributed to the use of a range
of established and not so well known botanicals. Originally based in Llantrisant the Distillery grew
and soon had to move to larger premises.
From their Distillery in Caerphilly the Eccentric team use a combination of traditional distilling
methods – from traditional London Dry Gin style to New Western Style Gin – even resting gins in
wood Burgundy barrels or using vapour infusion – the results are a range of gins each with their own
distinct flavours that appeal to all ages and palates that are so remarkably smooth you can even sip
them “naked” (neat) if you wish or just with sparkling mineral water or tonic.
Eccentric Gin let their gins do the talking for them and will continue to produce small batch craft gins
with innovative results to be enjoyed by both old and new gin drinkers.
The team have even planted juniper bushes in south wales and plan to harvest and use welsh juniper
in Welsh Gins. We hope to move to our distillery in the Vale of Glamorgan where we are growing
Cardiff Dry Gin. Madam Geneva. (Traditional Dry Gin) Dewis Sant. (Citrus Gin)
Limbeck. (Ginger forward and rested in oak barrels) Young Tom. (Distilled from IPA beer)
Violet full strength Gin. Violet liquor Gin.
Available in 70 cl, 35 cl and 5 cl sizes. Tyn y Cae Cottage Groes Faen rd Petertson super Ely CF5 6NE
Call between 8 -30 and 3-30 Mon to Friday to buy or collect your gins.