The Pink Peppercorn

“Deeply steeped in the murky history of Wales,
where only the slightest whispers of flavour are handed down through generations,
we bring to you bold recipes that stood the test of time and tyranny.

From the old wives tale of an enchanting broth as clear as a mountain stream,
with flavour as deep and lush as the valleys it flows through.
To the myths of melted cheese so divine it would draw the lady herself from the lake unto your kitchen table,
where the Welsh hospitality is surpassed by none.

For a sirens song the Welsh would silence,
only we will again happily sing for our dinner,
for now in this moment in time let our food sing for us,
“”and the song of heaven it shall sing, for if there is better food in heaven then i should hurry to be there.””

Let us share our incredible journey with you,
eat from the round table and
Once again we can all eat from legend.